Friday, June 30, 2017

"essential oils are a luxury" - and other myths.

The other day someone said to me that they didn't have time to learn about essential oils because they were too busy "in survival mode" and oils were just something that seemed like a "luxury."

That made me do a weird side-eye, as my oil journey has been WAY more practical as a mommy than luxurious.
  • I don't consider cleaning my house in a non-toxic way a luxury.
  • I don't consider skin care for my aging, thirty-something skin a luxury.
  • I don't consider supporting my kids overall emotional and physical wellness a luxury.
Luxuries for me are: designer clothes, shopping at Restoration Hardware, Botox, an entire day all to myself (or even 30 minutes of quiet), and fancy vacations.

Rolling my kids spines with a Thieves roller every morning so they aren't coughing and having runny noses every day  -- necessary + practical. 
TRUTH : Since beginning oil use in April neither of my kids have been sick save for a weird 24 hour stomach virus.  No runny noses, no strep throat.  For MONTHS.  I just keep rolling those spines with Thieves, taking our multivitamins and all of us have been remaining healthy! Could be a fluke, a coincidence, whatever...or...consistency with oils pays off!  If you don't have two seconds at breakfast to roll your kids with have the busiest life and need to slow it down!

Supporting my aging adult skin?  Necessary!  We all buy beauty products. Some of us even buy expensive beauty products for one reason -- our face is the first thing people see!  We want it to look nice.  
TRUTH : I have struggled with skin issues since puberty. Acne, oiliness, and now wrinkles and sun damage.  Ugh.  Since ditching all chemical products in April and switching to only oils on my face...guess what.  My skin has IMPROVED.  I did this because of my pregnancy, and because I wanted a more minimalist beauty regimen.  So now I cleanse with carrier oil, then moisturize with carrier oil mixed with a couple drops of whatever skin-supporting essential oil I feel I need at the time.  Carrot Seed oil for evening out skin-tone, Lemon for acne and lightening sun damage, Frankincese for wrinkles...whatever I feel I need at the time.  Or - ALL the oils!  You can layer if you have multiple needs you want to address. Young Living has a line of skin care you can feel good about because it is toxin-free!  (Now we have a beautiful makeup line, too!) 

Not a whole bunch of ingredients with crazy names I haven't heard of.  Nothing chemical.  All-natural.  And all of this actually cheaper than the chemical-laden stuff.  

(NOTE: When you stop using chemicals on your skin, it will take a few weeks to detox.  Your skin might get worse before it gets better.  Be patient.  Soon you will be glowing and way more healthy!) 

Cleaning my house? Necessary!  I would be buying cleaning products whether I was doing oils or not.  Why not switch to something non-toxic and GOOD.  I'm confused.  Cleaning is not a luxury.  I hate cleaning.  I also hate having to lug a bunch of scary, toxic products around my house that if my kids spray it in their faces I'll have to freak out about!!!!  Now I just carry rags and my All-Purpose Thieves household cleaner.  If I need to clean my floors?  Thieves cleaner mixed with water.  Windows?  Oh yeah, Thieves Cleaner.  If my kids spray it in their face???? They smell like Christmas.  (Not recommending that...just won't have to call poison control.)

Doing my laundry?  Sigh.  Necessary!  Either make a HUGE vat of clean detergent on the cheap using this recipe (for WAY cheaper than Tide...and no chemicals) or simply order Thieves Laundry Detergent from Young Living.  Easy.  Necessary.  Nothing luxurious.
Other myths...
Myth #2 :  "I just don't think I'll use the oils once I have them."   Wah??????  Okay, see everything above.  

Myth #3 : "I can't afford it right now." Okay...I get this one.  I am a major cheapskate with an uber-frugal husband.  We are Dave Ramsey cash budgeters.  I LITERALLY carry around envelopes with cash in my purse (please don't mug me if you see me on the street).  So I get this one.

BUT -  can you afford detergent?  Skin care?  Taking your kids to urgent care?  Vitamins?  Cleaning products?  Dietary supplements?  If you can afford these things you can afford to join Young Living and switch to Essential Rewards, where you will earn FREE products, and immediately start earning 10% back (hello...this is better than Target Red Card!) 

Ditch and Switch, ya'll! Stop making excuses as to why you need to keep chemicals in your home and on your skin!  

Your wellness is not luxury.  It is necessity.  If you don't have the five minutes it takes to log onto Young Living, invest in your health and that of your family, then how do you have hours to wander Target, filling up your cart with toxic products, and probably at least 100 bucks worth of cute office supplies, dollar bin goodies, and throw pillows????

How did you have time to read this blog post?  I mean, I'm glad you did, obviously. :D  But... 

Let's be real.  You do have time.  You do want the best for your family.   You will be spending money on household products no matter what.  AMIRIGHT?  So why not buy what is SAFE?  

Are you practicing clean eating, but not clean cleaning or beauty product-wearing?  Then what is the point?

I am not judging...I was the same way!  I spent thirty five years not caring what I put in or on my body, or what products I used around my kids.  But now I know better.  I choose better.  To invest in oils is not a luxury, but a smart decision for your wellness and that of your family.

If I am blessed enough to be able to spend on those other products to fill up my household, I am smart enough and blessed enough to spend on safe products infused with plant oils that will not harm my family.

That is my hard sell, folks. 

Which brings us to...  

Myth #4 : "UUUUUUUUGH Direct marketing is SO ANNOYING!!!!!!"  Wait - you are annoyed by normal people, probably your friends or family, doing a lot of work to market awesome products so they can fund adoptions, pay their bills, become debt-free, bless others, stay home with their kids, do something that excites and fulfills them, etc????  Hmmm... 
Yes, this is direct-marketing.  You've probably noticed, we are living in a direct-marketing era. You're either buying clothes, beauty products, kitchen gadgets, cleaning cloths, etc. from a friend who benefits some from your purchase, or buying from strangers at a major corporation!  You're either helping your friends in their business endeavors by buying things you would/should anyway, or your helping a CEO buy his yacht.  Just sayin'.

If you are ready to ditch-and-switch the toxic products and start getting your Seed-to-Seal approved essential oil products through Young Living, follow the steps below, and start your journey to chemical-free wellness...

2) Choose a premium kit!  I recommend the Premium Starter Kit with diffuser, pictured above, as it comes with a diffuser of your choice and you get the 11 oils that will be useful to you EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Other options are the Thieves Premium Cleaning Kit (for all things CLEAN!) or the Ningxia Premium Kit.  Any kit will get you the 24% off wholesale discount for life!

3) Sign up for Essential Rewards.  Not required, but this is how you earn points and get free products!  It costs nothing to enroll and you can cancel anytime.  Minimum of $50 order each month...but you probably spend that at Target/Walmart/Costco every month anyway on cleaning products, beauty products, makeup, sunscreen, etc. etc. and you can just order that all from Young Living.  

4) Congratulate yourself for doing something smart for yourself and your family, and enjoy getting to know your starter kit and the amazing, safe practical products every month!!!!!

PS : You never have to sell, so don't worry.  (For all you "Uuuuuuuugh - directing marketing!" people out there.  I still love you, guys!)   Just enjoy the products!  :D

Oh, and if you really crave luxury...order some Lavender or Stress Away bath bombs to put in your tub.  Light some candles, lock the door...there you go.  ;) 

Happy Friday!